Common Questions

Based on the strong R&D background and development ability of products, Hanlong became the only third party of TI (Texas Instruments) in China in 2010, and then TI & Hanlong work together to push the most cost-effective products to a lot of partners.

  • Q1. How can I check the firmware version?

    For UC926/UC924/UC862/860P/842/840P, press the inforamtion Key, and you can find the firmware version. For all Model, press Menu, Status, Information, then you can also see the firmware version. On the webpage, the firmware version is  displayed on the home page.

  • Q2. Why do I get the "Upgrade Fail! Please check the firmware file!" during upgrade via webpage?

    Please check if select the right file:
    For UC862--img_862.bin,

  • Q3. Why couldn't the phone dial out after enter the number?

    Please check the setting:
    1. Login webpage, and click  setting-> preference.
    2. Set the NO key entry time-out: the default setting is 0, which mean it will never dial out unless you press the send key after number entered. You can fill the blank with the time you need, as 4 or 5 in senconds.

  • Q4. Where could I download the latest phone FW?

    1. Please download at our Website-Support-Firmware Download.

  • Q5. Whether all Htek's phone are mountbale?

    1. Not all Htek's phone are mountable, UC946/UC924/UC842/840P/804P/803P/802P are mountable, UC862/860P/806P are not mountable.

  • Q6. Do all Htek's phone could connect with expansion module, and how many expansion modules could con

    1. Yes, all Htek's phone could connect with expansion module. Htek phone could support maxium 6 expansion modules.

  • Q7. f I use POE and Power Adaper at the same time? Which one will the phone power up preferential?

    1. When you use POE and Power Adaper at the same time, the phone will choose to power up by power adaper preferential.

  • Q8. Where could I download product releted info, like user manual, data sheet?

    1. Please download at our Webiste-Support-Document Download.

  • Q9. What's Htek RMA policy?

    1. Htek provide 24 months warranty, and 1% spare parts based on 1K units order.
    2. For more detailed info about Htek RMA policy, please download here.

  • Q10. Whether all Htek's phone are HD voice?

    1. Yes, all Htek's phone are HD voice.