The Factory tour of Htek's world top class factory gives you a detailed insight into the fascinating world of VoIP terminal products manufacturing.

  • To reach our goals to be the top manufacturer of VoIP terminal products in the world. We have upgraded our factory with advanced technologies such as the SMT – Auto Flash programing equipment. For the DIP process we have equipped our factory with Auto insertion equipment, Auto guided vehicles and Auto Soldering equipment.

    Htek follows a proven product development process that is based on ISO 9001 standards. This state-of-the-art process has been designed to incorporate modern design methodologies, experienced program management and leading edge development tools.

  • Our factory services form a critical first step in supporting our global partners throughout the entire product life cycle. Leveraging expertise in VoIP terminal products manufacturing, we work with our global partners to strengthen product design & their compatibility with different PBX platforms.

    We focus on flexibility providing different designs for disparate VoIP systems that is the right fit for PBX manufacturers requirements. Htek will develop a comprehensive skill set to serve PBX vendors' needs in this critical stage of VoIP terminal products manufacturing services such as quality control and testing.