About Us

Based on the strong R&D background and development ability of products, Hanlong became the only VoIP third party of TI (Texas Instruments) in China in 2010, and then TI & Hanlong work together to push the most cost-effective products to a lot of partners.

  • Hanlong Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Nanjing, China in 2005, and has earned a reputation for product value. We focus exclusively on VoIP calling for its desktop phones, analog telephone adapters, and gateways. Our phones deliver superb sound quality, a rich set of SIP telephony features. We sell our products through a network of distribution partners, ITSPs, and OEMs, into nearly 50 countries around the world.

  • In 2010, Hanlong became the only VoIP Third Party of TI (Texas Instruments) in China.We are now working together to pushcost-effective products to many partners.


  • 2005    Hanlong Technology was founded.
    2006    Released small capacity Xanadu IPBX 50-200 extensions.
    2008    Released Unicorn 2000 ATA and Unicorn 6000 series Gateway.
    2009    Released Unicorn 4102/5001 enterprise IP phone.
    2010    Became the only VoIP product third party of TI.
    2011    OEM IP Intercom products for European customers.
    2013    Released UC800 series IP phone.
    2014    Released UC40 expansion module.
    2015    Developed UC900 series IP phone .
    2016    Released UC900 series IP phone and UC46 expansion module.